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Best Quality & Innovation – Award winner
     One of our customers proudly awarded us with a BQ Award 2020 for our work by the
Country Managing Director, the European and Japanese CEO for Quality.




Which customer’s challenges are we helping to solve? 

Successful Business, IT & Engineering solutions
  HDF business model takes customer’s insight as a guiding principle to adapt our operational model. Letting the customer’s perspective to drive successful innovations and for HDF to deeply understand customer’s working environment, routines, concerns, and aspirations to clearly distinguish between their real needs and their wants.
 Low-cost, value driven solutions
  Acquiring solutions from HDF can be less expensive, resulting in faster time to market. Innovation occurs when customers bring ideas, technology or intellectual property into the development and commercialization processes.
 Shorter design-to-implement lifecycles
   Having a dedicated HDF partner brings the benefit of it becoming an external non- biased catalyser, boosting design-to-implement lifecycles for internal departments and provide R&D opportunities to small and medium organisations.

Intellectual property aggregation
  Bringing customer’s internal R&D and HDF innovation ‘pools’ together, can aggregate intellectual property from different business units within customer’s organisation, smoothing the right’s holder blockage due to internal politics.
 Idle innovations monetisation
   HDF identifies unexploited innovations such as ideas or assets lying idle within the customer’s organisation that can be monetized by making them available to outside parties through patents, technology joint ventures and spin-offs.
 Create and capture value
  HDF offers cross industry insight, knowledge and/or develop ready-made products offered to internal R&D. As not all smart people and best technologies are found in-house. HDF systematically develop relationships with universities and research centres, looking the outside world for solutions to customer challenges.
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